Gaming Servers run by mature and professional People - Led by the Community

Who Are We?

We are a community that wants to give the best to our players.

We offer you well operated servers, servers that run at the best possible performance and servers that are well modded, not that kind of modded that gives you anything with no effort, we want to give a long-time motivation to our players!


Experienced Admins

We have over 5 years expirience in running survival-game servers. Our projects in these 5 years were:

⋅DayZ Origins

⋅ARK Survival Evolved

⋅DayZ Epoch

⋅ArmA 3 Epoch



⋅Conan Exiles


Powerfull Gameservers

Whenever possible all ChilloutBude servers are hosted on our own dedicated server(s).

The reason we take this extra effort on us is that normal gameserver providers run your servers at the minimum of required resources which often results in lags.

We do our best to beware you from frustrating situations caused by lags by giving our servers as much resources they want. Thats only possible with High-End Dedicated servers.

However that does not mean that we can avoid lag 100%. The games we provide are in an early stage/alpha, we just give our best to keep the gameplay as smooth as possible.


We Care!

We at ChilloutBude care about our players!

You have an awesome idea for our servers? Something like a mod to be added or any other kind of improvement?

There is something that you dont like and you think needs to be changed?


Tell it to us on our Forum! We continually try to improve our servers depending on player feedback.


Our Servers

Below you get some infos about our servers.

Connection details and a quick overview of settings and mods.


Conan Exiles – PVE-Conflict

Server IP:Port: Connect


  • High Performance Dedicated Server.
  • 2x XP, 2x Loot
  • PvP Hours: 17:00 -24:00 (CET)
  • 150h Building-Decay-Time

Server Rules:

Can be found here: Click

By playing on this server you accept that you have read, understood and accept this rules!


ArmA 3 Wasteland Stratis

Server IP:Port: Connect


  • Always spawn with 15K$.
  • High Performance Dedicated Server.
  • Custom missions.


  • Play fair.
  • Don't over-use Side or any other chat (voice AND text).
  • No trolling, that includes but is not limited to griefing, stealing, ghosting of teammembers.


DayZ Standalone

Server IP:Port:


    • Spawn with melee weapon.
    • 50% reduced Stamina Costs.
    • Tweaked loot spawns.
    • High Performance Dedicated Server.
    • Periodic restarts.


    • No Hacking, Glitching, Racism, Insulting.


Community Creators

Members of our Community who create content on our Servers

Are you a content creator on our server and want to be listed here? Send us an E-Mail to: