Monetization Rules:

– Only available on Livonia server.

– Every purchase will go directly to the server to help with rent and advertising.

– Donating / purchasing will not give you any special treatment and no advantage over normal players.

– Every item-type for sale is obtainable for regular players, without the skin, so all players are granted the same experience on the server.

– Only the here listed cosmetic items are sold, do not ask us for anything not listed here.

Priority Queue – 1 Month

Put yourself to the top of the Join-Queue if the server is full and support the server in one go.


This is a manual process and is not instant, you will need to create a ticket and tell us the transaction ID and your SteamID.

-If there are other people with priority in the queue, you will be put directly behind them.

-This is not a one-time payment, your priority queue will end after 30 days.

Available 5.50€ / Month

Custom Spawn Knife

Click the image for bigger preview.

Get a custom textured CombatKnife each time you respawn instead of the default CombatKnife everyone else gets.

Select the knife you want and after purchase tell us the number of the knife.

Custom knifes are bound to SteamID and are lifetime, as long as the server exists.

After purchase, make a ticket on Discord to get in touch with us.

Multiple knifes can be purchased, but only one can be active, to change between your knifes contact us on Discord.

Ingame preview possible.

Available 10.75€

Custom Territory Flag


Design your own Territory flag and show it to everyone on the server!

Download the Base-Flag here (click) and put in your Design, the size of the image must stay the same!

Not that skilled with designing? No problem! Just send us the image you want to use, and we will figure something out.

After purchase, make a ticket on Discord to get in touch with us.


-In order to receive your flag, you will need to trade in a vanilla flag you already own due to Bohemia’s monetization policy.

-The Flag lasts until next wipe, after that you will need to trade in a vanilla flag again to receive your custom flag.

-No Racist/Political/NSFW images allowed, every image will be reviewed by staff.

Available 15.75€