Conan Exiles PVE-C Server Rules – English

General Rules

  • Political and Ethnic discrimination, as well as personal insults, will not be tolerated.
  • No Cheating/Bugabusing of any kind.
  • This is a PVE-C server, if you get killed you have to accept that, insults etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Treat other players fairly, a chilled playstile is what we aim for.
  • Max. 30 Thralls/Pets allowed per clan! everything that exceeds this limit will be automatically cleaned up by the server.
  • It is not allowed to pull bosses or NPC’s in to bases of other players to kill their thralls.
  • [Siptah only] Don’t pull multiple waves of NPC’s at the storm, this has a very heavy impact on server-performance.
  • Do not spam the global-chat. please use something like Teamspeak/Discord etc. on our Teamspeak ( ar always enough channels to communicate.

Base Building Rules

  • Only one base allowed per clan/group or solo player.
  • Farming/Taming bases are allowed as long as they are small.
  • Blocking story-points or boss-spawns is not allowed.
  • Don’t build your base unnecessary big, this has a heavy impact on server-performance and there’s no reason to build a big-ass base. From a good server-performance every player, including you profits.
  • Foundation spamming is not allowed.
  • Everything not compliant to above list may be deleted by admins.
  • Bases of players that only log on once in a while to reset the decay timer without really playing will get removed.
  • 4000 pieces Building limit is beeing enforced on this server. Check your count in the “Clan” tab. (Count both nummers together)

PVP Rules

  • Looting dead players is allowed. Try to stay fair and take only what you really need.
  • PvP between different Level is allowed.
  • PvP with unequal numbers of Players or Clans is allowed.
  • PvP while riding a horse is only allowed if the other player is also riding a horse. Attacking a player while you are on a horse is only allowed if the player on foot attacks you first. for a report you have to provide video evidence otherwise we can’t react to it.

Make sure if you see anyone breaking the rules and you want to report it you have recorded it . Sometimes we won’t be able to punish someone due to lack of evidences.

By playing on this server you accept that you have read, understood and accept this rules!

These rules can change at any time without warnings.