DAYZ Epoch Server Rules – English


1.) Hacking/Duping/Glitching of any kind

  • Nothing of the above is allowed on our servers and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Combat/Speedlogging is also not allowed.

2.) Trader/Safe Zone Rules

  • No Safe Zone/Trader Zone Camping There is no set distance for camping just DO NOT do it.
  • The safezones are made that you can do your trades in safety, they are not made to protect you when going to a trader or leaving the trader.
  • Escaping from any kind of fight into a safezone is not allowed. After 10 minutes without being attacked you are allowed to enter the safezone.
  • Following other players when they leave safezones to shoot them at the next best opportunity is not allowed.
  • Any kind of abusing the safezones for doing missions, escape from fights etc. is not allowed.
  • Do not steal any gear from other players backpack/cars etc.
  • Do not steal (or borrow) other players vehicles from trade zones even if they are unlocked.
  • Coastal Traders are exempt from rule #2 Please be extra careful in these area’s.
  • Vehicles left in trade zones will be deleted/unlocked by administrators.

3.) Base Raiding/Attacking

  • Any kind of glitch used to access players bases will not be tolerated.
  • Taking and replacing other players plot poles inside objects that cannot be accessed is unacceptable. Simply take the plotpole or let it where it was.
  • if you raided a base and know the door codes etc. you are not allowed to “claim” this base as yours.
  • Destroying of map-sided buildings like barns is allowed.
  • No safe blocking or being a cunt in bases build by other people.
  • Cracking (bruteforce) safes/locks is allowed.
  • Dont build stuff in a base that isn’t yours, that means also blocking entrys with fences etc.

4.) General Inventory

  • Inventory/Gear lost after restarts will not be refunded Logout 5 minutes before restart, you get plenty warnings.
  • If you logout in or near a trade/safe zone or near a player you will possibly lose your inventory and possibly be passed out on re-spawning. You will not be compensated for your lost gear/inventory due to this happening.

5.) Building

  • No building close to a safezone (this means a 750m radius), exceptions in this rule are possible, if the base fits some claims that you get from an admin, so before you start build here contact an admin.
  • No building to block the access to military loot in any kind of military buildings (barracks/ATC tower/Jails/Guardhouses, etc.).
  • No building in high loot areas, i.e. hospitals, firestations, fuel stations, hangars, any kind of industrial building or supermarkets.
  • No building in/at/around gas-stations
  • No building in the close proximity of any other bases.
  • No building in Cherno, Elektro, Berezino
  • No buildings near those point listed above. This means not build your base for example directly or 20m away from lets say a barack.
  • Bases are allowed to have a max. height of 30m which is equal to 5 metalfloors. Everything above it will be deleted by an admin. If you build in/on a building that already is higher/close to the 30m limit its allowed to build 2 walls over the buildings highest point.
  • No bases over streets.
  • No bases in a 750m radius to static AI camps Bandit AI HQ and AI Constr. Site.
  • No building to hunt freshspawns in freshspawn popular areas like balota etc.
  • If we found a Base that is breaking those rules we will delete it without contacting you! You should be old enough to read and understand this rules.
  • If you are still unsure if it is allowed to build in a place you have in your mind ask an admin on Teamspeak.

6.) Asking for Help

  • MOST IMPORTANT If you’re in need of a moderator/administrator, please be on our TeamSpeak channel (
  • Before you are contacting an admin for help be sure to read the channel-description of the support-channel.
  • Administrators are not here to babysit you as you play your game, DO NOT expect teleports and heals without a good reason.
  • DO NOT cry in side chat for help this effects other players who may be in combat. Simple respect is all that is needed to achieve this.
  • Game client issues are not our problems to solve.
  • If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, find an admin on TeamSpeak ( or send a message to an admin on the website.
  • If you bug away your backpack, its your problem and we wont restore anything. This bug exist since dayz is out and anyone know what he have to do that it dont happens.
  • Admins wont refund/restore any vehicle that gets destroyed cause you are parking it on houses/woodfloors.
  • You need to understand that we are a fair-play server that means we wont refund something without having any kind of evidence.
  • Also you need to understand that admins also have an real-live they are not your private butlers, so don’t rage if you have a problem and at this time there isn’t an admin online or they are afk.

7.) Vehicles

  • Locked vehicles that are unused for 7days will get unlocked.
  • Locked vehicles for that you have lost the key and there is no longer any key for that vehicle on the server will get unlocked on next server restart.
  • Vehicles that are unused for 14 days will get deleted.
  • Vehicles that are completly broken (no wheels etc.) will get deleted.
  • Do not keep a shitload of vehicles in your base. This will affect server-performance and there will no new random vehicles spawn. Max allowed ist 4 including aircraft. There are virtual garages you can build, use them! Admins delete whats too much!

8.) Side Chat

  • English and German only in side channel chat. You’re welcome to use any other language in vehicle or direct chat.
  • No voice chat in side/global channel.
  • No flaming/raging in side chat. This include flaming about campers/freshspawnkillers and whatever.
  • No insulting that includes any chat (side, global, direct etc.).
  • Racist comments are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Keep the comunication in the sidechat to a minimum, this effects other players who may be in combat. Simple respect is all that is needed to achieve this.
  • There are enough channels on our teamspeak where you can meet with the guys you wanna talk with.

9.) Other

  • Do not excessive hunt freshspawns on the coast, if we catch you you will get punishment.
  • Please keep any kind of moaning, raging or general penantry to yourself. If you have a problem, contact an admin and try to resolve the situation like adults. There are no second opinions, if an admin has judged on the matter that’s it.
  • Please keep your plotpole built safely in your base, it protects your locked vehicles from being destroyed and also secures your base from some kind of glitching.
  • Camping a base is allowed, if it is to much in the opinion of an admin we will request you to stop it.
  • Do not clear missions with bugged vehicles like vodnik, tanks etc. If we catch you you will get punishment.
  • Any kind of bugusing will end in a ban.
  • No kind of Kamikaze.
  • Playing with multiple CD-keys / Steam Accounts is not allowed.
  • Have manners.

Rules are subject to change at any time without warning.